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Passport Development, LLC is able to provide real estate and facility management advisory services to higher education, healthcare and other real estate industry segments, such as shopping centers and industrial developments. We assist our clients in developing performance mechanisms for decision-making support, to ensure that our clients and customers have adequate information upon which to justify real estate decisions.

Passport can assemble the ideal team of professionals to analyze the real estate solution as part of a consolidated growth plan or campus consolidation plan

Passport prides itself for having assembled an extraordinary team of professionals with extraordinary experience. David Sadaly, who has a B.S. Civil Engineering and 35 years in construction and facility management, brings a wealth of experience that allows Passport Development to manage a multi-disciplinary team of outside consultants, who focus on specific areas such as environmental remediation, demolition, renovation, permitting and construction.

The Passport team is a group of seasoned professionals. We tailor each project team to fit the particular needs of the project. Our experience on the path to development success truly brings definition to the word Passport ... your documentation source for effective facility consulting and development.