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Passport Realty, LLC is headed by Gregory J. Rubino, who has been engaged in selling and leasing commercial real estate properties for third-party clients for more than 35 years. Formerly a Vice President of Baldwin Brothers, Inc., Greg launched Passport Realty, LLC in late 2007, an endeavor in which he was joined by several seasoned professionals.

Passport Realty is separated from the rest of the real estate brokerage firms in Northwest Pennsylvania by three things:

  1. a commitment to client and customer service that is second to none;
  2. an ability to go "above and beyond" the normal brokerage firm’s services to ensure the success of each transaction; and
  3. an uncommon knowledge of the markets which we serve.
Our staff's experience in property brokerage is unparalleled and runs the gamut from small "mom and pop" retail stores to 100,000+-square-foot tenants.

Passport brings to each transaction a focus on effective communication with clients and customers alike. We strive for excellence in our field, and we sweat the details. We believe that our particular attention to detail and nuance completely separates us from other firms of our size. It’s all in the name ... Passport. It is your ticket to success in real estate transactions of any size and any complexity.