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In today's competitive facility management environment, owners and their management staff are being asked to do the seemingly impossible. Cutting costs has become a systematic response to increasing the bottom line, but wholesale budgetary cuts can often cause more damage to the long-term value of a property than can the short-term benefit of increased profits.

Our approach is to balance the needs of the bottom line and establish a long-term strategic vision of property value maximization.

As a matter of survival, facility management organizations need to evolve from maintenance departments to management departments. Facility managers need to become business managers.

Passport Management, LLC can provide your organization with the confidence and expertise to move forward, create measurable goals and navigate through change.

Here is a roster of some of the services we provide:

  • Conduct employee training and workshops
  • Create targeted facility marketing plans
  • Evaluate business processes and recommend improvements
  • Develop contract specifications
  • Develop long-term maintenance plans
  • Perform long-term capital & project plans
  • Strategic business planning and implementation
  • Perform building management & maintenance audits
  • Develop proactive maintenance programs
  • RFP preparation and bid evaluation