Core Values

Relationships, Performance, Creativity and Results are the essential components of the emerging Passport tradition of excellence. We never vary from the high standards which we embrace. 

* Relationships

Without them we have nothing. Our relationships are the foundation of our company: relationships with Clients, relationships with our customers, relationships with our Passport team partners. We strive constantly to make these relationships solid and secure no matter if they are long term Clients or new Clients.

* Performance

We are dedicated to rendering the best service possible throughout the life of a transaction. W assure timely closings and precision from inception through property management. Performance is an hourly thing. The need for sound performance never decreases or vanishes. We are completely committed to performance excellence.

* Creativity

Every transaction, every development has its unique challenges. How we creatively and diligently face these opportunities is what sets us apart. Through our creativity, we can enhance every transaction, ensuring a successful and streamlined process. That’s our reputation, and we continue to hone our creative skills every day.

* Results

That is the real test. Are our clients and customers pleased with the final results of our efforts? Are the transactions the best that could be created? In analyzing every transaction, we are able to say that, truly, it couldn’t have been handled any better. Results are why we continue to serve the same clients from one transaction to the next, year after year.